Our Guest rooms are designed in our famous warm Nubian design concept. As you enter the room you find The famous 7 Colors of the great Pharaohs warm colors like dark green and light brown lights coloured glass windows in small pieces that creates a warm feeling in the room. The colored glasses in the window reflects the sun rays into the room to create beautiful rainbow colors inside the room. Our very own Pharaonic Mastabaa Concept bed which is designed specially to help guests get a deep sleep. The Mastaba bed is 30cm above ground level that gives the maximum comfort for the guest while sleeping and to wake up without any back or bone pains. Along with our customized 2m2 King Size bed that is only found in Amar Sina Village to give our guests a comfortable sleep after a long day in the sun at the beach. Mastaba beds concept is the healthiest bed for deep sleep.

The Nubian Dome is not only one of our beautidful Egyptian Nubian architectural designs but it has a scientific meaning behind it that complements the bedrooms style and the feeling we want to provide our guests. Our beautiful bedroom domes are located in the sealing above the bed with small rounded colourful glasses that shines up the room in the morning time with beautiful bright natural colors. Domes are famous for thier geometric and biogeometry energy shapes. The Dome collects the negative energy inside the room as it is a rounded shape and replaces it with positive energy collected from the sun from the outer surface. Many cultures have understood the principles of power & shape and how specific shapes can create field effects that have a beneficial influence on life and consciousness. The specific energetics of a dome studyings can be referred to as cavity.

We have asked some of our guests
“How do you feel in a Dome?” Many say they experience a feeling of serenity and peace that they don’t get in a conventional home. Any room with a dome feels more comfortable. That’s the quiet, peaceful, safe feeling most people experience under a dome.
If you reserved a double room please ask for the Dome Room to stay in (only upon request)
All rooms are Air conditioned and have T.V, Telephone and Bathroom with Shower and W.C