Yoga and Meditation

When’s the last time you took a day or even an hour for yourself? Daily responsibilities never stop and keeps you constantly on the move. Between , taking a break can seem impossible

Amar Sina Village announces The latest 4 night and up to 2 weeks Yoga and Meditation Retreat AH-YE. The daily programs are all constructed and will be held under supervision of our Indian Yoga specialist where he has a lifelong experience in the practicing the Himalayan Yoga lifestyle techniques and therapy. We would like to introduce to all Yoga and Meditation community the Ancient Himalayan Yoga Philosophy AH-YE Programmed courses that will definitely introduce you to a new experience in practicing different yoga and meditation methods, new Yoga easy but effective exercises and healthy nutritional meals that you can add to your daily life.

AH-YE Program Objectives:
Daily Yoga Exercises
AH-YE signature Yoga and Meditation Mind and Stress control courses
Yoga Therapeutic Philosophy (prevention is better than cure)
Nutrition course
Natural Daily Healthy Meals
Cleansing and Detoxifying your body
Spa massage Therapies, Sauna and Jacuzzi sessions
City Tours Sightseeing
Explore Beach, Dessert and Fun Excursions
"The Experience is not only to learn have fun while living a healthier life but it is also a restorative vacation that is full of fun, happiness and making friends that share the same goal."
Make today your day of change. Make yourself a priority in your life. We advise you to start now and learn how to live a balanced lifestyle where attention is evenly distributed between life and yourself, learn and practice the Ancient Himalayan Yoga Techniques (AH-YE) and explore the results that will make you start feeling happier and more energized. Not only will you reap the benefits, but your family will as well.

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